About Par Textile

Par Textile in one sight

Par Textile is a private textile complex consisting of three factories as follows


Par Jean: Includes Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving, Complete denim and linen fabrics, Quality control and classification


Parris: Like Parchin includes Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving, Complete denim and linen fabrics, Quality control and classification


Atlas Jean: Currently the weaving and complete denim and linen fabrics sections are active.This factory is under development and soon the parts dyeing, quality control and packaging will start working.

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Par Textile with 1239 workers using the most advanced textile machines able to produce 2,000,000 meters of fabric per month is the first producer of jeans and linen in Iran.

Production sites

Par Textile, with three production sites, has a key role in the market of denim and linen fabrics.


Par Textile is one of the largest private complex which included Parjean, Parris, Atlas Jean Companies for the first time established in 1373 and now is active with 1200 workers at Zanjan, Hamedan and Ilam provinces with full capacity of producing Gabardine and jean fabrics.

We are proud that this production complex is the first producer of denim fabric in Iran, using the expertise of domestic and foreign experts, equipped and up-to-date textile machines, in producing all kinds of world-class fashion qualities with first-class quality according to world standards. Mass has met its target market and has only met the needs of customers in terms of quality and quantity of demand.

Production sites

1- Par Jean Site
Par Jean Company (former name of Par Takmil, established in 1992, located in Zanjan province) is the first factory in this complex in the area of production halls of 21000 square meters with production lines including spinning yarn, open spinning and dyeing of indigo yarn, spinning yarn and fabric yarn gabardine, the projectile weaving system, rapier and jacquard, as well as the completion of various types of denim and gabardine fabrics, was put into operation in 1999.

2- Parris Site
Parris Company (former name of Saein Takmil, established in 1996, located in Zanjan province, merger of Ekbatan textile companies, established in 1983, located in Hamedan province, and Zarjin Baft Company, established in 1997, located in Ilam province) in a total production area of 73,000 square meters.

3- Atlas Jean Baft Site
Atlas Jean Baft Company (established in 2007 located in Zanjan province) with production lines including knitting with the latest system of rapier, shank, beaming, dyeing of indigo yarn and completing all kinds of denim and gabardine fabrics in 1397 has been put into operation.
The development plan of this factory is Atlas Rees Spinning, located in Zanjan province, which is under construction with complete production lines for spinning all kinds of ring card, slab, core, multi-count and multi-twist yarns in a production area of 25,000 square meters.